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Title: Review of centrifugal liquid-liquid chromatography using aqueous two-phase solvent (ATPS) systems: Its scale-up and prospects for the future production of high-value biologics
Authors: Sutherland, I A
Keywords: Aqueous two-phase solvents, ATPS, aqueous-aqueous polymer phase systems, centrifugal partition chromatography, CPC, Countercurrent chromatography, CCC, HSCCC
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: BioMed Central
Citation: Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development. 10 (6) 540-549
Abstract: The future challenges in bioprocessing include developing new downstream processes for the purification and manufacture of the protein based medicines of the future to relieve the predicted bottleneck being produced by increasingly high titres from fermentation processes. This review looks at the recent developments in centrifugal liquid-liquid partition chromatography using aqueous two-phase solvent (ATPS) systems, a gentle host medium for biologics, and the prospect for scale-up and eventual manufacture of high value pharmaceutical products.
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