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Title: Comparison of two-dimensional binned data distributions using the energy test
Authors: Reid, ID
Lopes, RHC
Hobson, PR
Keywords: CMS;Statistical tests;Kolmogorov-Smirnov;Data analysis;Particle physics
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: CMS Collaboration
Abstract: For the purposes of monitoring HEP experiments, comparison is often made between regularly acquired histograms of data and reference histograms which represent the ideal state of the equipment. With the larger experiments now starting up, there is a need for automation of this task since the volume of comparisons would overwhelm human operators. However, the two-dimensional histogram comparison tools currently available in ROOT have noticeable shortcomings. We present a new comparison test for 2D histograms, based on the Energy Test of Aslan and Zech, which provides more decisive discrimination between histograms of data coming from different distributions.
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