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Title: Shear enhanced heterogeneous nucleation in some Mg- and Al- alloys
Authors: Fan, Z
Wang, Y
Zhang, ZF
Xia, M
Li, HT
Xu, J
Granasy, L
Scamans, GM
Keywords: Solidification; Heterogeneous Nucleation; Grain Refinement
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Maney
Citation: International Journal of Cast Metals Research. In press
Abstract: Intensive shearing was applied to alloy melts at temperatures above their liquidus by using a twinscrew mechanism. The sheared melt was then cast into a TP1 mould for microstructural examination. Alloy melts with or without shearing were also filtered using the Prefil technique developed by N-Tech Ltd in order to analyse oxides and other second phase particles. The experimental results showed a significant grain refinement through enhancement of heterogeneous nucleation. The intensive melt shearing converted oxide films and agglomerates into well dispersed fine particles with a narrow size distribution. It was confirmed that the fine oxide particles can act as potent sites for nucleation during the solidification of the sheared melt. This paper presents the experimental results and theoretical analysis of shear enhanced heterogeneous nucleation during solidification of Mg- and Al-alloys. A multi-step heterogeneous nucleation mechanism has been proposed and discussed.
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Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST)

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