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Title: Recollections of homophobia at school and their long-term implications for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals
Authors: Rivers, I
Keywords: sexual orientation;gay;lesbian;bisexual;depression;suicide;PTSD;Life Events
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Hogrefe & Huber
Citation: Crisis: Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention. 25(4) 169-175.
Abstract: This study explores the relationship between experiences of bullying at school, adult mental health status and symptoms of post-traumatic stress among a sample of 119 UK residents who identified as lesbian, gay bisexual. Participants completed a series of questionnaires that focused upon school experiences, suicide ideation at school, sexual history, relationship status and negative affect, recent positive and negative life-events, internalized homophobia and symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress. The results suggested that post-traumatic stress was a potential issue for 17% of participants who also scored significantly higher for depression, and reported having had more casual sexual partners than their peers. However, those who were found to exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress were also more accepting of their sexual orientation. A small number of participants used prescription or non-prescription drugs, or alcohol to help them cope with memories of bullying. It is suggested that post-traumatic stress may be a feature of the adult lives of men and women who experienced frequent and prolonged bullying at school as a result of their actual or perceived sexual orientation.
ISSN: 0225-5910
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