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Title: Men and boys selling sex in the Bradford district
Authors: Hudson, P
Rivers, I
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: York St John College
Citation: York St John College. Social Inclusion & Diversity: Research into Practice, Paper No. 1: 37, Oct 2002
Series/Report no.: Social Inclusion & Diversity: Research into Practice;1
Abstract: This report provides a summary of key findings from a study commissioned by Yorkshire MESMAC exploring the experiences and needs of men and boys who are involved in selling sex in the Bradford district. This study consisted of three related projects outlined below. Project A: Survey of Agencies in the Bradford Area The first author conducted an interviewbased survey of 31 representatives from 21 local statutory and voluntary sector agencies exploring their perceptions of the issue of men and boys involved in selling sex, and considering ways in which local services could best respond to their needs. Responses indicated that: ● 78% of agency representatives believed that young men selling sex in the Bradford area was an issue that needed to be addressed. ● 52% of agency representatives had direct evidence of young men who were involved in selling sex in the Bradford area. ● 87% felt that action should be taken to address the issue of young men involved in selling sex in the Bradford area. Suggestions offered are outlined on page 9. Project B: Local Awareness of Men Selling Sex Thirty-seven men under the age of 40 completed a short questionnaire (Appendix 2) exploring their levels of awareness and possible involvement in selling/purchasing sexual services. Results indicated that: ● Adverts for men selling sex had been observed by gay/bisexual and heterosexual men in the Bradford district. ● One-third of gay/bisexual men and one young heterosexual man had been approached by a man and offered sex for money on more than one occasion. ● 10% of the gay/bisexual men surveyed reported having sold sex. Executive Summary ● Reasons for offering sexual services or receiving payment for sex included being pressurized to perform in pornographic videos or pictures, or receiving shelter/accommodation for the night. Project C: Men Selling Sex Seven men who sell or have sold sex in the Bradford area were interviewed by the first author using a structured interview schedule (see Appendix 3). Responses suggested that: ● Sex with young men under the age of 16 is sought by men in the Bradford area. ● Men who sell sex on the streets have less control over the types of sex for which payment is offered than those who are house/flat/hotel-based. ● Men who sell sex on the streets face much more violence than those who sell sex from a house/flat/hotel. ● Selling sex on the streets often follows a chance encounter with an exploitative older man during teenage years. ● Selling sex from a house/flat tends to be a deliberate decision by older men. Recommendations ● Provision of a local support service responding to the needs of men and boys who are involved in selling sex. ● Commission further research exploring the issues highlighted in the report.
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