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Title: Rheo-processing of an alloy specifically designed for semi-solid metal processing on the Al-Mg-Si system
Authors: Patel, JB
Liu, YQ
Shao, G
Fan, Z
Keywords: Aluminium alloys; semi-solid processing; CALPHAD; alloy design; mechanical properties
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Materials Science and Engineering A. 476(2008) 341-349.
Abstract: Semi-solid metal (SSM) processing is a promising technology for forming alloys and composites to near-net shaped products. Alloys currently used for SSM processing are mainly conventional aluminium cast alloys. This is an obstacle to the realisation of full potential of SSM processing, since these alloys were originally designed for liquid state processing and not for semi-solid state processing. Therefore, there is a significant need for designing new alloys specifically for semi-solid state processing to fulfil its potential. In this study, thermodynamic calculations have been carried out to design alloys based on the Al-Mg-Si system for SSM processing via the ‘Rheo-route’. The suitability of a selected alloy composition has been assessed in terms of the criteria considered by the thermodynamic design process, mechanical properties and heat treatability. The newly designed alloy showed good processability with rheo-processing in terms of good control of solid fraction during processing and a reasonably large processing window. The mechanical property variation was very small and the alloy showed good potential for age hardening by T5 temper heat treatment after rheo-processing.
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