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Title: Unconstrained evolution of close-to-ideal "LCR" low-pass filter
Authors: Sapargaliyev, Y
Kalganova, T
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 2006 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems (INES 2006). London, 2006. pp. 145 - 150
Abstract: The unconstrained evolution has already been applied in the past towards design of digital circuits, and extraordinary results have been obtained, including generation of more compact circuits with smaller number of electronic components. In this paper the unconstrained evolution method is developed for analogue circuits. At first, the method is probed on the design of analogue low-pass filter with standard transition band. The algorithm produced the best results in terms of quality of the circuits evolved and evolutionary resources required. Then, the new methodology is applied towards more sophisticated task, the close-to-ideal low-pass filter. The new methodology developed differs from previous ones by its simplicity and represents one of the first attempts to apply evolutionary strategy towards the analogue circuit design. The obtained results are compared in details with low-pass filters previously designed.
ISBN: 0-7803-9708-8
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