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Title: Absolutely free extrinsic evolution of passive low-pass filter
Authors: Sapargaliyev, Y
Kalganova, T
Keywords: Evolvable hardware;Evolutionary electronics;Unconstrained evolution;Analogue passive low-pass filter
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ottawa, Ont, May 2006. pp. 1210 - 1213
Abstract: Evolutionary electronics is a brunch of evolvable hardware, where the evolutionary algorithm is applied towards electronic circuits. The success of evolutionary search most of all depends on variable length representation methodology. The low-pass filter is a standard task in evolutionary electronics to start with. The results of evolution enable one to qualify whether the methodology is good for further experiments. In this paper the maximum freedom for evolutionary search has been proclaimed as a main target during development of new VLR methodology. The introduction of R-support elements enables to perform an unconstrained evolution of analogue circuits for the first time. The proposed algorithm has been tested on the example of analogue low-pass filter. The experimental results demonstrate that the evolved filter is comparable with filters evolved previously using genetic programming and genetic algorithms techniques. The obtained results are compared in details with low-pass filters previously designed.
ISBN: 1-4244-0038-4
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