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Title: A sketching interface for 3D modeling of polyhedron
Authors: Ku, DC
Qin, SF
Wright, DK
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Eurographics
Citation: Proceedings of Eurographics Workshop on Sketch Based Interfaces and Modeling (SBIM06). Vienna, Austria, Sept 03-04, 2006. pp. 83-90.
Abstract: We present an intuitive and interactive freehand sketching interface for 3D polyhedrons reconstruction. The interface mimics sketching with pencil on paper and takes freehand sketches as input directly. The sketching environment is natural by allowing sketching with discontinuous, overlapping and multiple strokes. The input sketch is a natural line drawing with hidden lines removed that depicts a 3D object in an isometric view. The line drawing is interpreted by a series of 2D tidy-up processes to produce a vertex-edge graph for 3D reconstruction. A novel reconstruction approach based on three-line-junction analysis and planarity constraint is then used to approximate the 3D geometry and topology of the graph. The reconstructed object can be transformed so that it can be viewed from different viewpoints for interactive design or as immediate feedback to the designers. A new sketch can then be added to the existing 3D object, and reconstructed into 3D by referring to the existing 3D object from the current viewpoint. The incremental modeling enables a 3D object to be reconstructed from multiple sketching sessions from different viewpoints. However, the interface is limited to reconstructing trihedrons from sketches without T-junctions to avoid ambiguity in the hidden topology determination.
ISSN: 1812-3503
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