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Title: Improving students motivation by means of multimedia
Authors: Kalganova, T
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: The University of Hull
Citation: PROGRESS 2001, University of Hull, Hull, UK, 2001
Abstract: The student’s motivation is one of the most actual problems in the universities. One of many reasons for increased number of cases for low-level student motivation is that there are many more students in the higher education system with relatively low level of preparation. As a result, because of complex material delivered to students and their low ability to learn quickly, the motivation of students to learn programming and maths can be decreased significantly during educational process. In order to overcome this problem, the means of multimedia can be used in the educational process. The basic idea of proposed approach is to use the PowerPoint presentations, multimedia applications in the teaching process during both lectures and tutorials. The basic material should be accessible by students at any time. In order to do this, the material mentioned above should be published in Internet and intranet. The most complex material is implemented using a lot of animation in the lecture and tutorial material with relatively high frequency of repetition. It can be noted that in some cases the students become more motivated, once they understand the basic idea. The accessibility of material and its possibility to repeat it a lot of time have increased the level of student’s knowledge gained and have improved their motivation.
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