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dc.contributor.authorHierons, RM-
dc.contributor.authorIpate, F-
dc.identifier.citationFormal Aspects of Computing, 20(6): 597-617, Dec 2008en
dc.description.abstractA stream X-machine is a type of extended finite state machine with an associated development approach that consists of building a system from a set of trusted components. One of the great benefits of using stream X-machines for the purpose of specification is the existence of test generation techniques that produce test suites that are guaranteed to determine correctness as long as certain well-defined conditions hold. One of the conditions that is traditionally assumed to hold is controllability: this insists that all paths through the stream X-machine are feasible. This restrictive condition has recently been weakened for testing from a deterministic stream X-machine. This paper shows how controllability can be replaced by a weaker condition when testing a deterministic system against a non-deterministic stream X-machine. This paper therefore develops a new, more general, test generation algorithm for testing from a non-deterministic stream X-machine.en
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dc.subjectSoftware testingen
dc.titleTesting a deterministic implementation against a non-controllable non-deterministic stream X-machineen
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