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Title: On asymptotic behaviour at infinity and the finite section for integral equations on the half-line
Authors: Chandler-Wilde, SN
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: Maths Technical Papers (Brunel University). March 1994, pp 1-30
Series/Report no.: TR/02/94
Abstract: We consider integral equations on the half-line of the form and the finite section approximation to x obtained by replacing the infinite limit of integration by the finite limit β. We establish conditions under which, if the finite section method is stable for the original integral equation (i.e. exists and is uniformly bounded in the space of bounded continuous functions for all sufficiently large β), then it is stable also for a perturbed equation in which the kernel k is replaced by k + h. The class of perturbations allowed includes all compact and some non-compact perturbations of the integral operator. Using this result we study the stability and convergence of the finite section method in the space of continuous functions x for which ()()()=−∫∞dttxt,sk)s(x0()syβxβx()sxsp+1 is bounded. With the additional assumption that ()(tskt,sk−≤ where ()()(),qsomefor,sassOskandRLkq11>+∞→=∈− we show that the finite-section method is stable in the weighted space for ,qp≤≤0 provided it is stable on the space of bounded continuous functions. With these results we establish error bounds in weighted spaces for x - xβ and precise information on the asymptotic behaviour at infinity of x. We consider in particular the case when the integral operator is a perturbation of a Wiener-Hopf operator and illustrate this case with a Wiener-Hopf integral equation arising in acoustics.
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