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Title: The introduction of an holistic design approach through a teaching company scheme
Authors: Middleton, RH
Saxon, MD
Phillips, G
Frost, M
Griffiths, BJ
Rees, DWA
Esat, II
Keywords: DFX; design-for-manufacture; electronics equipment; holistic design approach; material selection; microwave equipment; product development; teaching company scheme
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of the IEE 5th International Conference on Factory 2000 - The Technology Exploitation Process, Cambridge, 2-4 April 1997, pp. 278-283.
Abstract: Traditional design approaches separate the various functions of design such as material selection, performance modelling and tolerance specification into discrete entities. Whilst this allows more focused methods to be used at each stage, areas of conflict or benefit may be overlooked, and the designer is left to bring the loose ends together. This paper looks at a synthesis approach that draws upon a number of current design themes. The design process is considered along with various aspects such as product development, design-for-`X' methodologies and material selection. The need for the preservation of design knowledge and reasoning, the so called wh-? questions, within the process are considered along with various models of the design process. The paper draws these various aspects together to form a more holistic approach to design. The application of this technique within the Teaching Company Scheme is briefly discussed.
ISBN: 0-85296-682-2
ISSN: 0537-9989
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