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Title: A review of developments in electrodes for regenerative polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Authors: Pettersson, J
Ramsey, BJ
Harrison, DJ
Keywords: Regenerative fuel cell; Electrocatalyst; Water electrolysis; Thin-film electrodes; Gas diffusion layer
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Power Sources 157(1): 28-34.
Abstract: The design of electrodes for unitised regenerative polymer electrolyte fuel cells (URFC) requires a delicate balancing of transport media. Gas transport, electrons and protons must be carefully optimised to provide efficient transport to and from the electrochemical reaction sites. This review is a survey of recent literature with the objective to identify common components and design and assembly methods for URFC electrodes, focusing primarily on the development of a better performing bifunctional electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction and water oxidation. Advances in unitised regenerative fuel cells research have yielded better performing oxygen electrocatalysts capable of improving energy efficiency with longer endurance and less performance degradation over time. Fuel cells using these electrocatalyst have a possible future as a source of energy.
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