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Title: Alternative methods for representing the inverse of linear programming basis matrices
Authors: Mitra, G
Tamiz, M
Issue Date: 1988
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: Maths Technical Papers (Brunel University). December 1988 . pp 1-20
Abstract: Methods for representing the inverse of Linear Programming (LP) basis matrices are closely related to techniques for solving a system of sparse unsymmetric linear equations by direct methods. It is now well accepted that for these problems the static process of reordering the matrix in the lower block triangular (LBT) form constitutes the initial step. We introduce a combined static and dynamic factorisation of a basis matrix and derive its inverse which we call the partial elimination form of the inverse (PEFI). This factorization takes advantage of the LBT structure and produces a sparser representation of the inverse than the elimination form of the inverse (EFI). In this we make use of the original columns (of the constraint matrix) which are in the basis. To represent the factored inverse it is, however, necessary to introduce special data structures which are used in the forward and the backward transformations (the two major algorithmic steps) of the simplex method. These correspond to solving a system of equations and solving a system of equations with the transposed matrix respectively. In this paper we compare the nonzero build up of PEFI with that of EFI. We have also investigated alternative methods for updating the basis inverse in the PEFI representation. The results of our experimental investigation are presented in this paper
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