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Title: Cultural dimensions and CRM systems implementation: a preliminary framework
Authors: Ali, M
Brooks, L
Alshawi, S
Papazafeiropoulou, A
Keywords: CRM, Culture, Qualitative, Case Study, SSM, Structuration Theory, UK, Egypt.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: AMCIS
Citation: AMCIS, Aug.2006, Acapulco, Mexico
Abstract: Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) in particular. Several researchers have suggested ways in which management can accommodate these dimensions or solve the problems they may pose. Ali& Alshawi (2005) have proposed a cultural dimensions framework for the management of CRM systems implementation in the multinational environment. In this paper the authors test that framework by conducting a qualitative comparative case study in a large multinational organization in two countries. The authors have investigated the implementation of CRM systems within the same organization in both Egypt and the UK. Using observation, document analysis and interviews, qualitative data has been elicited and used a Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) analysis to determine themes for each case study. The authors have used the Structurational analysis by Walsham (2002) which based on the concepts of Structuration Theory by Giddens(1979,1984 ), to propose their explanations of these themes and drag from this analysis the cultural dimensions which may have impact on CRM systems Implementation. The authors have concluded by proposing an updated framework of cultural dimensions for management of CRM systems within multinational environment organizations.
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