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Title: Verdict functions in testing with a fault domain or test hypotheses
Authors: Hierons, RM
Keywords: Test verdict;Fault domain;Test hypotheses;Finite state machine
Issue Date: 2008
Series/Report no.: ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology;to appear
Abstract: In state based testing it is common to include verdicts within test cases, the result of the test case being the verdict reached by the test run. In addition, approaches that reason about test effectiveness or produce tests that are guaranteed to find certain classes of faults are often based on either a fault domain or a set of test hypotheses. This paper considers how the presence of a fault domain or test hypotheses affects our notion of a test verdict. The analysis reveals the need for new verdicts that provide more information than the current verdicts and for verdict functions that return a verdict based on a set of test runs rather than a single test run. The concepts are illustrated in the contexts of testing from a non-deterministic finite state machine and the testing of a datatype specified using an algebraic specification language but are potentially relevant whenever fault domains or test hypotheses are used.
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