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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Smart materials and metaphors to enhance technology adoption among older adultsMicocci, Massimo
2017An investigation into the application of design processes to novel self-use molecular diagnostic devices for sexually transmitted infectionsStead, Thomas
2016Development of an integrated sustainable design approach for furniture design and its implementation and application perspectivesSeyajah, Norhisham
2017Designing individualisation of eco information via a user centred design approachKwok, Sze Yin
2017Measurements of conductive filmSamano, Anthony
2016The systematic analysis and innovative design of the essential cultural elements with Peking Opera Painted Faces (POPF)Wang, Ding
2016Investigating the impact of cultural, gender and professional design considerations on employee productivity: case study of female academics in Saudi female universitiesAlnassar, Nouf Saad
2014Design tool for applying Islamic art in commercial brandsSilsilah, Hadeel
2014Participation-based public art & design project model for culture-led urban regenerationAhn, SungHee
2015Paste deposition modelling, deconstructing the additive manufacturing process: Development of novel multi-material tools and techniques for craft practitionersSchunemann, Esteban
2016Towards meaningful spaces: reclaiming cultural context to its inhabitants in GCC cities through the conceptual phase of urban design processAl Ghareebi, Abdul Azeez
2016A study of flexible supercapacitors: design, manufacture and testingZhang, Ruirong
2016Advanced electrospinning apparatus for control, alignment and coatingMaltby, Thomas
2016The conceptual design of 3D miniaturised / integrated products as examined through the development of a novel red blood cell / plasma separation deviceTopham, David
2016An investigation into the feasibility of combined diamond and diamond-like carbon coatings for effective dry turning of aluminium alloysNelson, Nico
2016Understanding design impact: a new framework for understanding the potential of design and enhancing future professional practiceStephen, Green
2016A study of design innovation framework for innovative manufacturing companies in the UKNa, Jea Hoo
2015Elevating the perception of the strategic use of design for an airline through the design management conceptual framework (DMCF)Shams, Maha
2016Chinese cultural features for new product design developmentWang, Yu-Han
2016Human centred design of software agent in social network service against privacy concernsKim, Hojung
2015A comparison of North American shale plays with emerging non-marine shale plays in AustraliaDe Silva, PNK; Simons, SJR; Stevens, P; Philip, LM
2015The Moderating Role of Service Design Attributes in Females’ Fear of Crime in the UndergroundKim, Hyunjin
2014Criteria-based patent mapping for assessing potential conflicts between patent claimsLi, Zheng
2015Understanding user interaction problems with wireless connection via research through designSong, Ji‐Won
2015Apply QFD methodology to capture ‘unheard’ voices of UK care home residents and translate them into quality measurement targets for future improvementAbdollah Shamshirsaz, Sanaz
2015An investigation of integrated woven electronic textiles (e-textiles) via design led processesVeja, Priti
2012A top-down appraoch to patent mappingAtherton, MA
2012"Ladder" structure in tonal noise generated by laminar flow around an airfoilChong, TP; Joseph, PF
2014Design leadership and communication: Characteristics and abilities of design leaders communicating design to non-designers during the fuzzy front end of new product developmentHan, Koogin
2009The assignment briefGustafson-Pearce, O
2014Governance of sustainable event-led regeneration: the case of London 2012 OlympicsEdizel, Hayriye Özlem
2010National support for design, developing propositional modelsChoi, Y; Cooper, R; Lim, S; Evans, M
2014Visualising product-service system business modelsCeschin, F; Resta, B; Vezzoli, C; Gaiardelli, P
2013Critical factors for implementing and diffusing sustainable Product-Service Systems: Insights from innovation studies and companies' experiencesCeschin, F
2009Recent advances in biomimetic sensing technologiesJohnson, EAC; Bonser, RHC; Jeronimidis, G
2010Selective biodegradation of keratin matrix in feather rachis reveals classic bioengineeringLingham-Soliar, T; Bonser, RHC; Wesley-Smith, J
2014The societal embedding of sustainable Product-Service Systems: Looking for synergies between strategic design and transition studiesCeschin, F
2014An aesthetic for sustainable interactions in Product-Service Systems?Ceschin, F; Vezzoli, C; Zingale, S
2014Extraction of bodily features for gait recognition and gait attractiveness evaluationHong, J; Kang, J; Price, ME
2013Instant 3D design concept generation and visualization by real-time hand gesture recognitionKang, J; Zhong, K; Qin, SF; Wang, H; Wright, D
2014Sustainable product-service systems: Between strategic design and transition studiesCeschin, F
2014A study on the application of contemporary visual art into flagship stores of luxury fashion brandsLee, Youjung
2008Deformation and rupture of stainless steel under cyclic, torsional creepRees, DWA
2009Changing affective content in brand and product attributesAbbott, M; Holland, R; Giacomin, J; Shackleton, J
2009Use of MMG signals for the control of powered orthotic devices: Development of a rectus femoris measurement protocolAntonelli, MG; Zobel, PB; Giacomin, J
2012Human emotional response to energy visualisationsGiacomin, J; Bertola, D
2011The relationship between national policy and industrial development in the UK and South Korea, 1940s–2000sChoi, Y; Cooper, R; Lim, S; Evans, M
2013Rapidity distributions in exclusive Z plus jet and gamma plus jet events in pp collisions at root s=7 TeVChatrchyan, S; Khachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Bergauer, T; Dragicevic, M; Eroe, J; Fabjan, C; Friedl, M; Fruehwirth, R; Pazzini, J; Rogan, C; Spiropulu, M; Savrin, V; Dimitrov, A; Timciuc, V; Veverka, J; Wilkinson, R; Xie, S; Zhu, RY; Levin, A; Pegoraro, M; Werner, JS; Azzolini, V; Calamba, A; Carroll, R; Ferguson, T; Snigirev, A; Iiyama, Y; Hadjiiska, R; Jang, DW; Liu, YF; Pozzobon, N; Paulini, M; Zenz, SC; Russ, J; Vogel, H; Vorobiev, I; Cumalat, JP; Drell, BR; Azhgirey, I; Ford, WT; Gaz, A; Ronchese, P; Kozhuharov, V; Lopez, EL; Zuranski, A; Nauenberg, U; Smith, JG; Stenson, K; Ulmer, KA; Wagner, SR; Alexander, J; Bayshev, I; Simonetto, F; Chatterjee, A; Eggert, N; Gibbons, LK; Brownson, E; Litov, L; Hopkins, W; Khukhunaishvili, A; Kreis, B; Mirman, N; Kaufman, GN; Torassa, E; Patterson, JR; Bitioukov, S; Ryd, A; Salvati, E; Antunovic, Z; Sun, W; Teo, WD; Pavlov, B; Thom, J; Thompson, J; Tosi, M; Tucker, J; Weng, Y; Winstrom, L; Kachanov, V; Wittich, P; Lopez, A; Winn, D; Abdullin, S; Albrow, M; Anderson, J; Funk, W; Petkov, P; Apollinari, G; Bauerdick, LAT; Beretvas, A; Berryhill, J; du Pree, T; Mendez, H; Bhat, PC; Burkett, K; Butler, JN; Wang, J; Chetluru, V; Cheung, HWK; Chlebana, F; Bian, JG; Cihangir, S; Elvira, VD; Fisk, I; Vargas, JER; Kalinin, A; Freeman, J; Triossi, A; Gao, Y; Gottschalk, E; Gray, L; Green, D; Gutsche, O; Hare, D; Krammer, M; Chen, GM; Alagoz, E; Harris, RM; Baumgartel, D; Zhang, J; Konstantinov, D; Hirschauer, J; Hooberman, B; Jindariani, S; Johnson, M; Joshi, U; Kaadze, K; Klima, B; Kunori, S; Merino, G; Ventura, S; Kwan, S; Chen, HS; Krychkine, V; Linacre, J; Lincoln, D; Lipton, R; Lykken, J; Maeshima, K; Marraffino, JM; Outschoorn, VIM; Zotto, P; Luckey, PD; Benedetti, D; Maruyama, S; Mason, D; McBride, P; Petrov, V; Jiang, CH; Mishra, K; Mrenna, S; Musienko, Y; Zucchetta, A; Newman-Holmes, C; O'Dell, V; Bolla, G; Prokofyev, O; Ratnikova, N; Sexton-Kennedy, E; Sharma, S; Ryutin, R; Spalding, WJ; Liang, D; Zumerle, G; Spiegel, L; Taylor, L; Tkaczyk, S; Bortoletto, D; Tran, NV; Uplegger, L; Vaandering, EW; Vidal, R; Whitmore, J; Sobol, A; Gabusi, M; Wu, W; Yang, F; Liang, S; Yun, JC; De Mattia, M; Acosta, D; Avery, P; Bourilkov, D; Chen, M; Cheng, T; Ratti, SP; Das, S; Tourtchanovitch, L; De Gruttola, M; Di Giovanni, GP; Dobur, D; Everett, A; Meng, X; Drozdetskiy, A; Field, RD; Fisher, M; Riccardi, C; Fu, Y; Furic, IK; Hugon, J; Troshin, S; Kim, B; Konigsberg, J; Hu, Z; Korytov, A; Kropivnitskaya, A; Tao, J; Vitulo, P; Kypreos, T; Low, JF; Matchev, K; Milenovic, P; Mitselmakher, G; Tyurin, N; Muniz, L; Kovac, M; Remington, R; Rinkevicius, A; Georgiou, G; Skhirtladze, N; Snowball, M; Wang, J; Yelton, J; Zakaria, M; Gaultney, V; Hewamanage, S; Uzunian, A; Jones, M; Linn, S; Civinini, C; Biasini, M; Markowitz, P; Martinez, G; Rodriguez, JL; Adams, T; Askew, A; Wang, X; Bochenek, J; Chen, J; Diamond, B; Jung, K; Cerrada, M; Favart, D; Gleyzer, SV; Haas, J; Hagopian, S; Hagopian, V; Johnson, KF; Prosper, H; Veeraraghavan, V; Wang, Z; Weinberg, M; Flix, J; Koybasi, O; Baarmand, MM; Volkov, A; Dorney, B; Hohlmann, M; Kalakhety, H; Yumiceva, F; Adams, MR; Apanasevich, L; Bazterra, VE; Adler, V; Betts, RR; Liko, D; Navarro De Martino, E; Kraetschmer, I; Xiao, H; Adzic, P; Bucinskaite, I; Callner, J; Cavanaugh, R; Evdokimov, O; Bilei, GM; Gauthier, L; Gerber, CE; Hofman, DJ; Kress, M; Khalatyan, S; Kurt, P; Lacroix, F; Djordjevic, M; Xu, M; Moon, DH; Fano, L; O'Brien, C; Silkworth, C; Strom, D; Turner, P; Leonardo, N; Varelas, N; Akgun, U; Albayrak, EA; Bilki, B; Ekmedzic, M; Lariccia, P; Clarida, W; Asawatangtrakuldee, C; Dilsiz, K; Duru, F; Griffiths, S; Pegna, DL; Merlo, J-P; Mermerkaya, H; Mestvirishvili, A; Moeller, A; Mantovani, G; Nachtman, J; Krpic, D; Newsom, CR; Ogul, H; Ban, Y; Onel, Y; Maroussov, V; Ozok, F; Sen, S; Tan, P; Menichelli, M; Tiras, E; Wetzel, J; Yetkin, T; Milosevic, J; Yi, K; Barnett, BA; Blumenfeld, B; Merkel, P; Guo, Y; Bolognesi, S; Nappi, A; Giurgiu, G; Gritsan, AV; Hu, G; Maksimovic, P; Martin, C; Aguilar-Benitez, M; Swartz, M; Whitbeck, A; Miller, DH; Baringer, P; D'Alessandro, R; Romeo, F; Bean, A; Li, Q; Benelli, G; Kenny, RP; Murray, M; Noonan, D; Sanders, S; Maestre, JA; Stringer, R; Neumeister, N; Saha, A; Wood, JS; Barfuss, AF; Chakaberia, I; Ivanov, A; Li, W; Khalil, S; Makouski, M; Maravin, Y; Shrestha, S; Battilana, C; Pin, A; Brigljevic, V; Svintradze, I; Gronberg, J; Lange, D; Rebassoo, F; Wright, D; Baden, A; Liu, S; Calvert, B; Eno, SC; Anastassov, A; Gomez, JA; Shipsey, I; Calvo, E; Hadley, NJ; Kellogg, RG; Kolberg, T; Lu, Y; Marionneau, M; Mignerey, AC; Pedro, K; Santocchia, A; Mao, Y; Peterman, A; Chamizo Llatas, M; Silvers, D; Skuja, A; Forthomme, L; Temple, J; Tonjes, MB; Tonwar, SC; Apyan, A; Spiezia, A; Bauer, G; Busza, W; Cali, IA; Chan, M; Puerta Pelayo, J; Qian, SJ; Di Matteo, L; Svyatkovskiy, A; Marono, MV; Wang, F; Beernaert, K; Xie, W; Xu, L; Yoo, HD; Zablocki, J; Zheng, Y; Wang, D; Duric, S; Guragain, S; Zarubin, A; Quintario Olmeda, A; Androsov, K; Parashar, N; Adair, A; Akgun, B; Ecklund, KM; Geurts, FJM; Li, W; Ma, T; Padley, BP; Redjimi, R; Roberts, J; Azzurri, P; Kadija, K; Ghete, VM; Zabel, J; Betchart, B; Bodek, A; Covarelli, R; de Barbaro, P; Nahn, S; Demina, R; Eshaq, Y; Bagliesi, G; Ferbel, T; Garcia-Bellido, A; Goldenzweig, P; Hollar, J; Luetic, J; Han, J; Harel, A; Miner, DC; Paus, C; Petrillo, G; Mohammadi, A; Bernardini, J; Vishnevskiy, D; Zielinski, M; Bhatti, A; Ciesielski, R; Demortier, L; Redondo, I; Goulianos, K; Rabady, D; Mekterovic, D; Ralph, D; Boccali, T; Lungu, G; Malik, S; Mesropian, C; Arora, S; Barker, A; Chou, JP; Contreras-Campana, C; Romero, L; Contreras-Campana, E; Duggan, D; Broccolo, G; Roland, C; Ferencek, D; Morovic, S; Gershtein, Y; Gray, R; Halkiadakis, E; Hidas, D; Lath, A; Panwalkar, S; Santaolalla, J; Castaldi, R; Park, M; Roland, G; Patel, R; Rekovic, V; Robles, J; Tikvica, L; Salur, S; Schnetzer, S; Seitz, C; Somalwar, S; Hahn, KA; Stone, R; Soares, MS; Stephans, GSF; Thomas, S; Thomassen, P; Walker, M; Cerizza, G; Hollingsworth, M; Attikis, A; Rose, K; Smirnov, I; Spanier, S; Yang, ZC; York, A; Stoeckli, F; Willmott, C; Bouhali, O; Eusebi, R; Flanagan, W; Gilmore, J; Kamon, T; Giffels, M; Khotilovich, V; Mavromanolakis, G; Montalvo, R; Osipenkov, I; Sumorok, K; Pakhotin, Y; Albajar, C; Perloff, A; Roe, J; Safonov, A; Ciocci, MA; Sakuma, T; Suarez, I; Tatarinov, A; Toback, D; Mousa, J; Colino, N; Akchurin, N; Cowden, C; de Troconiz, JF; Damgov, J; D'Agnolo, RT; Dragoiu, C; Dudero, PR; Jeong, C; Kovitanggoon, K; Lee, SW; Libeiro, T; Velicanu, D; Volobouev, I; Nicolaou, C; Appelt, E; Dell'Orso, R; Evstyukhin, S; Brun, H; Delannoy, AG; Greene, S; Gurrola, A; Johns, W; Maguire, C; Zhang, L; Mao, Y; Melo, A; Focardi, E; Benucci, L; Sharma, M; Sheldon, P; Ptochos, F; Cuevas, J; Snook, B; Tuo, S; Velkovska, J; Arenton, MW; Wolf, R; Boutle, S; Fiori, F; Cox, B; Francis, B; Goodell, J; Hirosky, R; Ledovskoy, A; Fernandez Menendez, J; Razis, PA; Lin, C; Neu, C; Wyslouch, B; Foa, L; Wood, J; Gollapinni, S; Harr, R; Karchin, PE; Don, CKK; Lamichhane, P; Sakharov, A; Jez, P; Belknap, DA; Finger, M; Giassi, A; Yang, M; Borrello, L; Carlsmith, D; Cepeda, M; Dasu, S; Friis, E; Grothe, M; Hall-Wilton, R; Herndon, M; Folgueras, S; Grippo, MT; Herve, A; Yilmaz, Y; Klabbers, P; Rahbaran, B; Finger, M; Klukas, J; Lanaro, A; Loveless, R; Mohapatra, A; Mozer, MU; Kubik, A; Ojalvo, I; Gonzalez Caballero, I; Yoon, AS; Pierro, GA; Polese, G; Ross, I; Savin, A; Abdelalim, AA; Smith, WH; Swanson, J; Kraan, A; Assran, Y; Elgammal, S; Kamel, A; Zanetti, M; Lloret Iglesias, L; Mahmoud, MA; Radi, A; Kadastik, M; Muentel, M; Murumaa, M; Ligabue, F; Rohringer, C; Raidal, M; Rebane, L; Tiko, A; Zhukova, V; Eerola, P; Piedra Gomez, J; Fedi, G; Voutilainen, M; Harkonen, J; Gigi, D; Karimaki, V; Kinnunen, R; Kortelainen, MJ; Rohringer, H; Lampen, T; Dahmes, B; Lassila-Perini, K; Lehti, S; Brochero Cifuentes, JA; Linden, T; Lomtadze, T; Luukka, P; Maenpaa, T; Peltola, T; Tuominen, E; Tuominiemi, J; Tuovinen, E; De La Cruz, B; Schoefbeck, R; Wendland, L; Tuuva, T; Frosali, S; Martini, L; Cabrillo, IJ; Besancon, M; Couderc, F; Dejardin, M; Denegri, D; Fabbro, B; Faure, JL; De Benedetti, A; Ferri, F; Ganjour, S; Messineo, A; Strauss, J; Givernaud, A; Golovtsov, V; Calderon, A; Gras, P; de Monchenault, GH; Jarry, P; Locci, E; Franzoni, G; Malcles, J; Palla, F; Millischer, L; Nayak, A; Rander, J; Rosowsky, A; Taurok, A; Chuang, SH; Titov, M; Baffioni, S; Beaudette, F; Zou, W; Cimmino, A; Benhabib, L; Bluj, M; Busson, P; Charlot, C; Daci, N; Dahms, T; Dalchenko, M; Duarte Campderros, J; Treberer-Treberspurg, W; Dobrzynski, L; Rizzi, A; Gude, A; Florent, A; de Cassagnac, RG; Haguenauer, M; Mine, P; Mironov, C; Naranjo, IN; Nguyen, M; Ochando, C; Fernandez, M; Savoy-Navarro, A; Paganini, P; Haupt, J; Waltenberger, W; Sabes, D; Salerno, R; Sirois, Y; Veelken, C; Zabi, A; Agram, J-L; Andrea, J; Lusito, L; Bloch, D; Lemaitre, V; Kao, SC; Brom, J-M; Chabert, EC; Wulz, C-E; Collard, C; Conte, E; Drouhin, F; Fontaine, J-C; Serban, AT; Gele, D; Goerlach, U; Goetzmann, C; Klapoetke, K; Gomez, G; Juillot, P; Le Bihan, A-C; Van Hove, P; Mossolov, V; Gadrat, S; Spagnolo, P; Beauceron, S; Beaupere, N; Boudoul, G; Brochet, S; Kubota, Y; Chasserat, J; Gonzalez Sanchez, J; Chierici, R; Contardo, D; Depasse, P; Squillacioti, P; El Mamouni, H; Shumeiko, N; Fay, J; Gascon, S; Gouzevitch, M; Mans, J; Ille, B; Kurca, T; Graziano, A; Lethuillier, M; Gallo, E; Gill, K; Mirabito, L; Perries, S; Sgandurra, L; Sordini, V; Gonzalez, JS; Donckt, MV; Pastika, N; Verdier, P; Viret, S; Tsamalaidze, Z; Tenchini, R; Jorda, C; Autermann, C; Beranek, S; Calpas, B; Edelhoff, M; Feld, L; Heracleous, N; Delgado Peris, A; Alderweireldt, S; Hindrichs, O; Tonelli, G; Klein, K; Ostapchuk, A; Lopez Virto, A; Perieanu, A; Raupach, F; Sammet, J; Schael, S; Sprenger, D; Rusack, R; Weber, H; Venturi, A; Wittmer, B; Bansal, M; Zhukov, V; Ata, M; Ivanov, Y; Marco, J; Caudron, J; Dietz-Laursonn, E; Duchardt, D; Sasseville, M; Verdini, PG; Erdmann, M; Fischer, R; Gueth, A; Hebbeker, T; Heidemann, C; Bansal, S; Hoepfner, K; Marco, R; Klingebiel, D; Kreuzer, P; Vernieri, C; Singovsky, A; Merschmeyer, M; Meyer, A; Olschewski, M; Padeken, K; Papacz, P; Pieta, H; Reithler, H; Cornelis, T; Martinez Rivero, C; Costantini, S; Schmitz, SA; Avila, C; Sonnenschein, L; Steggemann, J; Teyssier, D; Thueer, S; Weber, M; Cherepanov, V; Erdogan, Y; Fluegge, G; Mucia, N; Geenen, H; Matorras, F; Tambe, N; De Wolf, EA; Geisler, M; Ahmad, WH; Hoehle, F; Kargoll, B; Kress, T; Kuessel, Y; Barone, L; Lingemann, J; Nowack, A; Nugent, IM; Turkewitz, J; Munoz Sanchez, FJ; Perchalla, L; Janssen, X; Pooth, O; Stahl, A; Martin, MA; Cavallari, F; Asin, I; Bartosik, N; Behr, J; Behrenhoff, W; Acosta, JG; Behrens, U; Liao, J; Bergholz, M; Bethani, A; Knutsson, A; Gonzi, S; Del Re, D; Borras, K; Burgmeier, A; Cakir, A; Calligaris, L; Campbell, A; Cremaldi, LM; Choudhury, S; Costanza, F; Rodrigo, T; Pardos, CD; Diemoz, M; Dooling, S; Dorland, T; Luyckx, S; Eckerlin, G; Eckstein, D; Flucke, G; Kroeger, R; Geiser, A; Glushkov, I; Gunnellini, P; Giordano, D; Rodriguez-Marrero, AY; Habib, S; Hauk, J; Hellwig, G; Horton, D; Mucibello, L; Jung, H; Oliveros, S; Kasemann, M; Katsas, P; Grassi, M; Kleinwort, C; Kluge, H; Ruiz-Jimeno, A; Kraemer, M; Kruecker, D; Kuznetsova, E; Lange, W; Leonard, J; Dominguez Vazquez, D; Ochesanu, S; Longo, E; Lipka, K; Lohmann, W; Lutz, B; Mankel, R; Scodellaro, L; Marfin, I; Melzer-Pellmann, I-A; Meyer, AB; Mnich, J; Perera, L; Margaroli, F; Mussgiller, A; Naumann-Emme, S; Roland, B; Novgorodova, O; Nowak, F; Olzem, J; Kim, V; Vila, I; Perrey, H; Petrukhin, A; Meridiani, P; Rahmat, R; Pitzl, D; Placakyte, R; Raspereza, A; Cipriano, PMR; Riedl, C; Rougny, R; Ron, E; Sahin, MO; Vilar Cortabitarte, R; Micheli, F; Salfeld-Nebgen, J; Sanders, DA; Schmidt, R; Schoerner-Sadenius, T; Sen, N; Stein, M; 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2013Human emotional response to steering wheel vibration in automobilesAjovalasit, M; Tajadura-Jiménez, A; Shabani, A; Giacomin, J
2010Children's relationships with their physical school: Considerations of primary architecture and furniture design in a social and cultural contextCullis, Robert Ian
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