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Title: Design of sensor electronics for electrical capacitance tomography
Authors: Huang, SM
Xie, CG
Thorn, R
Snowden, D
Beck, MS
Keywords: Computerised tomography; Electric impedance imaging; Electric sensing devices; Image sensors
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: IEE Proceedings G
Citation: IEE Proceedings G, 139(1): 89 - 98, Feb 1992
Abstract: The design of the sensor electronics for a tomographic imaging system based on electrical capacitance sensors is described. The performance of the sensor electronics is crucial to the performance of the imaging system. The problems associated with such a measurement process are discussed and solutions to these are described. Test results show that the present design has a resolution of 0.3 femtofarad. (For a 12-electrode system imaging an oil/gas flow, this represents a 2% gas void fraction change at the centre of the pipe) with a low noise level of 0.08 fF (RMS value), a large dynamic range of 76 dB and a data acquisition speed of 6600 measurements per second. This enables sensors with up to 12 electrodes to be used in a system with a maximum imaging rate of 100 frames per second, and thus provides an improved image resolution over the earlier 8-electrode system and an adequate electrode area to give sufficient measurement sensitivity
ISSN: 0956-3768
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