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Title: Via and embedded resistor production in low cost lithographically printed substrates
Authors: Gilbert, JM
Elliner, GR
Key, PH
Snelling, HV
Harrison, DJ
Harrey, PM
Keywords: Environmental factors; Laser ablation; Laser beam machining; Metallisation; Photolithography; Resistors; Substrates; Thermal diffusivity
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proc 49th IEEE Electronic components and technology conference. (ECTC) San Diego USA June 1999, p.212-218.
Abstract: Lithographic printing of silver based conductive inks to form circuit tracking provides a very low cost, environmentally friendly method of production. It allows circuits with line widths down to 100 μm and a sheet resistance of 0.3 Ω per square to be produced at rates of up to 10000 impressions per hour. The process makes use of low capital cost equipment and has low set up costs. To date, an equally cost effective method of manufacturing vias in these circuits has not been developed. This paper proposes two new techniques for via production which are compatible with the rest of the manufacturing process. In the first technique, suitably profiled holes are laser drilled for subsequent filling as part of the lithographic printing. In the second technique laser energy is used to melt the substrate material so that it is able to mix with the conductive ink and so form a conductive path. The paper describes the proposed production techniques and discusses the factors affecting each method and in particular the substrate properties affecting production. The substrate materials considered in detail are Glossart and Teslin. The optical absorption and ablation characteristics of these materials for excimer and CO2 lasers are reported, as are the thermal diffusivities.
ISBN: 0-7803-5231-9
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