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Title: Novel Circuit Fabrication Techniques for Reduced Environmental Impact
Authors: Harrison, DJ
Billett, EH
Billingsley, J
Keywords: environmental factors; integrated circuit interconnections; integrated circuit manufacture; lithography; paper; substrates
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of IEE/IEEE International Conference on Clean Electronics. Edinburgh, Oct. 1995, pp 174-176.
Abstract: This paper proposes a novel technique for low cost circuit manufacture which it is hoped will offer significant reduction in environmental impact, both in terms of production process, and end of life. The technique is to use a pattern printed on paper by conventional offset lithographic techniques to form interconnection circuitry. Initial research is concentrating on the selection of appropriate conductive inks, and substrate materials. At present, components are attached using conductive adhesives, but the feasibility of placing components during the final printing pass, and using a form of conductive ink to provide the bond, is investigated.
ISBN: 0-85296-651-2
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