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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Complex chromosome aberrationsSumption, N; Goodhead, D; Anderson, Rhona
2017New Blood Pressure-Associated Loci Identified in Meta-Analyses of 475 000 Individuals.Kraja, AT; Cook, JP; Warren, HR; Surendran, P; Liu, C; Evangelou, E; Manning, AK; Grarup, N; Drenos, F; Sim, X; Smith, AV; Munroe, PB; Howson, JMM; CHARGE EXOME BP, CHD Exome+, Exome BP, GoT2D:T2DGenes Consortia, The UK Biobank Cardio-Metabolic Traits Consortium Blood Pressure Working Group†; Farmaki, A-E; Fava, C; Ferreira, T; Herzig, K-H; Giri, A; Giulianini, F; Grove, ML; Tzoulaki, I; Guo, X; Harris, SE; Have, CT; Havulinna, AS; Zhang, H; Jørgensen, ME; Käräjämäki, A; Kooperberg, C; Linneberg, A; Little, L; Varga, TV; Liu, Y; Bonnycastle, LL; Lu, Y; Mägi, R; Mahajan, A; Malerba, G; Marioni, RE; Mei, H; Menni, C; Morrison, AC; Weiss, S; Padmanabhan, S; Palmas, W; Poveda, A; Rauramaa, R; Rayner, NW; Riaz, M; Rice, K; Richard, MA; Smith, JA; Southam, L; Yiorkas, AM; Stančáková, A; Stirrups, KE; Tragante, V; Tuomi, T; Young, R; Zhang, W; Barnes, MR; Cabrera, CP; Gao, H; Boehnke, M; Melander, O; Boerwinkle, E; Chambers, JC; Connell, JM; Christensen, CK; de Boer, RA; Deary, IJ; Dedoussis, G; Deloukas, P; Dominiczak, AF; Dörr, M; Mohlke, KL; Joehanes, R; Edwards, TL; Esko, T; Fornage, M; Franceschini, N; Franks, PW; Gambaro, G; Groop, L; Hallmans, G; Hansen, T; Morris, AP; Hayward, C; Heikki, O; Ingelsson, E; Tuomilehto, J; Jarvelin, M-R; Kardia, SLR; Karpe, F; Kooner, JS; Lakka, TA; Langenberg, C; Palmer, CNA; Lind, L; Loos, RJF; Laakso, M; McCarthy, MI; Pedersen, O; Polasek, O; Poulter, NR; Province, MA; Psaty, BM; Ridker, PM; Amin, N; Rotter, JI; Rudan, I; Salomaa, V; Samani, NJ; Sever, PJ; Skaaby, T; Stafford, JM; Starr, JM; van der Harst, P; van der Meer, P; Blakemore, AIF; Understanding Society Scientific Group; van Duijn, CM; Vergnaud, A-C; Gudnason, V; Wareham, NJ; Wilson, JG; Willer, CJ; Witte, DR; Zeggini, E; Saleheen, D; Bork-Jensen, J; Butterworth, AS; Danesh, J; Asselbergs, FW; Wain, LV; Ehret, GB; Chasman, DI; Caulfield, MJ; Elliott, P; Lindgren, CM; Levy, D; Brandslund, I; Newton-Cheh, C
2017Characterisation of a novel interaction between Influenza A Virus protein M2 and human PP4R3α/SMEK1 proteinHansrod, Yasmin Nicole
2016Characterisation of fractions from andrographis paniculata and silybum marianum plant extracts that protect human cells against DNA damage.Badhe, Pravin
2016Early growth response genes 2 and 3 are potent inhibitors of T-bet function for interferon gamma production in TcellsSingh, Randeep
2016The Repo-Man/PP1 complex role in chromatin remodelling, nuclear structure and cancer progressionGokhan, Ezgi
2016Development of a viral and a non-viral based gene transfer systems using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeBowden, Jonathan Kirk
2016The impact on health-related quality of life of caregiving within the household for people with arthritisGarrett, Zoe Tara
2016Investigating HLXB9 as a biomarker in cancerOwoka, Temitayo Olajumoke
2017Molecular mechanism of influenza A virus restriction by human annexin A6Diaz Gaisenband, Stefan
2016Effects of pharmaceutical pollutants and their mixtures on aquatic organisms – with particular focus on reproduction and endocrine function in a fish model species.Thrupp, Tara Joanne
2017The identification of circulating tumour cells in prostate cancer using imaging flow cytometryAl-Ali, Hussein
2016The analysis of Telomere maintenanace in the process of cataractogenesisBains, Savneet
2015Cytotoxic activity of Indian, Indonesian and UK plant extracts on breast cancer cellsWagland, Susan Jane
2016Investigation into the human premature ageing disease, Hutchinson Gilford Progeria syndrome, using hTERT immortalised fibroblastsWorthington, Gemma Louise
2016Modulation of immune cell functions by human lung surfactant protein SP-D in allergic asthmaQaseem, Asif Shehzad
2014Understanding cellular and molecular interactions of gC1qR, a receptor for the globular domain of complement protein C1qPednekar, Lina
2015Immune surveillance of activated immune and tumour cells by surfactant protein DMarri, Eswari
2016The effects of advanced treatment on the biological activity of recycled waterLawton, Elizabeth Joan
2015Interaction of human properdin with Mycobacteria and influenza A virusKouser, Lobna
2016Studies on the interaction of surfactant protein SP-D with Inflenza A virus, Aspergillus fumigatus and dendritic cellsAbozaid, Suhair Mohamed
2016Early growth response gene (Egr) 2 and 3 control inflammatory responses of tolerant T cellsOmodho, Becky
2016Involvement of the matrix proteins SPARC and osteopontin in the dynamic interaction between tumour and host cellsJassim, Amir
2015Addressing the interplay between apoptosis and glucose metabolism in liver cirrhosis and hccIansante, V; Choy, PM; Chokshi, S; Williams, R; Anders, RA; Bubici, C; Papa, S
2015Increased aerobic glycolysis is associated with poor outcome and suppression of apoptosis in human liver cirrhosis and hccIansante, V; Choy, PM; Chokshi, S; Williams, R; Anders, RA; Bubici, C; Papa, S
2014Upregulation of a novel protein in hcc enhances cancer cell survival by suppressing specific apoptotic effectorsIansante, V; Choy, PM; Fung, SW; Chai, J-G; Dyson, J; Liu, Y; Williams, R; Chokshi, S; Anders, RA; Bubici, C; Papa, S
2015Lentivirus-meditated frataxin gene delivery reverses genome instability in Friedreich ataxia patient and mouse model fibroblastsKhonsari, Hassan
2016Innate immune molecules in preterm birth and diseaseSotiriadis, Georgios
2016Using drug treatments to control genome behaviour in normal and Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome fibroblasts, with and without hTERT immortalisationBikkul, Mehmet Ural
2016Telomere maintenance using cell lines from Dyskeratosis Congenita patientsSharma, Chetana Devi
2016Exploring mTOR signalling as a targeted approach against ovarian cancerRogers-Broadway, Karly-Rai
2015Identification and quantification of FXN antisense transcript 1 (FAST-1) in friedreich ataxiaSandi, Madhavi
2015Investigating telomerase regulation in human breast cancer cells: a search for telomerase repressor sequences localised to chromosome 3PLinne, Hannah Louise
2015Study of position effect as a mechanism arising from chromosomal translocations in leukaemiaPapucci, Chiara
2014Respiratory mechanics during upper body exercise in healthy humansTiller, Nicholas
2015Early Growth Response genes 2 and 3 play a role in chronic inflammation pathology and are essential for the differentiation of T follicular helper cellsOgbe, Ane Theodora
2014The applicability of the "read-across hypothesis" for assessing the effects of human pharmaceuticals on fishPatel, Alpa
2015Transcriptional responses to ionising radiation for biological dosimetry purposesKabacik, Sylwia
2007Did pterosaurs feed by skimming? Physical modelling and anatomical evaluation of an unusual feeding methodHumphries, S; Bonser, RHC; Witton, MP; Martill, DM
2009Social research on neglected diseases of poverty: continuing and emerging themesManderson, L; Aagaard-Hansen, J; Allotey, P; Gyapong, M; Sommerfeld, J
2015Exercise-induced whole-body dehydration does not affect airway responsiveness in athletes but may impair small airway functionSimpson, A; Romer, L; Kippelen, P
2014Mechanisms of senescence bypass in cells derived from the Syrian hamster embryo cell transformation assayPickles, Jessica Chiara
2011Chromobility: the rapid movement of chromosomes in interphase nucleiBridger, JM
2015Genotype and phenotype characterisation of enhanced Friedreich’s ataxia GAA repeat expansion mouse modelsAnjomani Virmouni, S; Sandi, C; Ezzatizadeh, V; Sandi, M; Al-Mahdawi, S; Pook, M; Anjomani-Virmouni, S
2014The non-random repositioning of whole chromosomes and individual gene loci in interphase nuclei and its relevance in disease, infection, aging, and cancerBridger, JM; Arican-Gotkas, HD; Foster, HA; Godwin, LS; Harvey, A; Kill, IR; Knight, M; Mehta, IS; Ahmed, MH
2014Waist circumference provides an indication of numerous cardiometabolic risk factors in adults with cerebral palsyRyan, JM; Crowley, VE; Hensey, O; McGahey, A; Gormley, J
2014Erratum to: The non-random repositioning of whole chromosomes and individual gene loci in interphase nuclei and its relevance in disease, infection, aging, and cancer.Bridger, JM; Arican-Gotkas, HD; Foster, HA; Godwin, LS; Harvey, A; Kill, IR; Knight, M; Mehta, IS; Ahmed, MH
2013A semi-parametric approach to estimate risk functions associated with multi-dimensional exposure profiles: application to smoking and lung cancerHastie, DI; Liverani, S; Azizi, L; Richardson, S; Stücker, I
2014Dietary iron intervention using a staple food product for improvement of iron status in female runners.Alaunyte, I; Stojceska, V; Plunkett, A; Derbyshire, E
2014DNA content of a functioning chicken kinetochoreRibeiro, SA; Vagnarelli, P; Earnshaw, WC
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 387