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Title: Giving ergonomics away? The application of ergonomics methods by novices
Authors: Stanton, NA
Young, MS
Keywords: Ergonomics methods;Utility;Reliability;Validity
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Applied Ergonomics. 34: 479-490
Abstract: A re-occurring theme in applied ergonomics is the idea of “giving the methods away” to those with little formal education in the subject. Little is known, however, about the reliability and validity of these methods when applied to the design process, for novices or experts. It is important to establish just how well the methods will perform in the hands of the analyst. The study reported in this paper presents data on novice intra-analyst and inter-analyst reliability together with criterion-referenced validity across a range of methods. Considerable variation in the reliability and validity of the methods was found. The data were then used in utility analysis, to determine the cost-effectiveness of the methods for an example of car radio-cassette design. The analysis shows that estimates of cost-effectiveness may help in the selection of methods.
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