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Title: On rational boundary conditions for higher-order long-wave models
Authors: Kaplunov, JD
Pichugin, AV
Keywords: Asymptotics;long waves;strain gradient theories;boundary conditions
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Higher-order corrections to classical long-wave theories enable simple and efficient modelling of the onset of wave dispersion and size effects produced by underlying micro-structure. Since such models feature higher spatial derivatives, one needs to formulate additional boundary conditions when confined to bounded domains. There is a certain controversy associated with these boundary conditions, because it does not seem possible to justify their choice by purely physical considerations. In this paper an asymptotic model for onedimensional chain of particles is chosen as an exemplary higher-order theory. We demonstrate how the presence of higher-order derivative terms results in the existence of non-physical “extraneous” boundary layer-type solutions and argue that the additional boundary conditions should generally be formulated to eliminate the contribution of these boundary layers into the averaged solution. Several new methods of deriving additional boundary conditions are presented for essential boundary. The results are illustrated by numerical examples featuring comparisons with an exact solution for the finite chain.
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