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Title: Corporate governance in the European community: A (proposal for a) re-reading of the key defining elements in the light of EC law, and the scope for a slightly “refined” definition
Authors: Cerioni, L
Keywords: Corporate governance;Acquis communautaire
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: This papers, written at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the EC Treaty and at a time of perceived importance of corporate governance at a world-wide level, offers an answer to the question whether a conception about the corporate objective and corporate governance can be seen as implied in EC law. The paper argues that the most widely accepted definition of corporate governance can be dividend into three key defining elements, and that, as regards each of these elements, key indications can be deduced from the EC Treaty and from the secondary legislation. By reassembling these indications, the paper extrapolates a conception about the corporate objective and corporate governance which calls into discussion the traditionally opposed theories, and which advocates a new start in corporate governance related research and debates.
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