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Title: Modelling alkali metal emissions in large-eddy simulation of a preheated pulverised-coal turbulent jet flame using tabulated chemistry
Authors: Xia, J
Vervisch, L
Liu, Y
Wang, Z
Cen, K
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Combustion Theory and Modelling, 2017, pp. 1 - 34
Abstract: © 2017 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group The numerical modelling of alkali metal reacting dynamics in turbulent pulverised-coal combustion is discussed using tabulated sodium chemistry in large eddy simulation (LES). A lookup table is constructed from a detailed sodium chemistry mechanism including five sodium species, i.e. Na, NaO, NaO 2 , NaOH and Na 2 O 2 H 2 , and 24 elementary reactions. This sodium chemistry table contains four coordinates, i.e. the equivalence ratio, the mass fraction of the sodium element, the gas-phase temperature, and a progress variable. The table is first validated against the detailed sodium chemistry mechanism by zero-dimensional simulations. Then, LES of a turbulent pulverised-coal jet flame is performed and major coal-flame parameters compared against experiments. The chemical percolation devolatilisation (CPD) model and the partially stirred reactor (PaSR) model are employed to predict coal pyrolysis and gas-phase combustion, respectively. The response of the five sodium species in the pulverised-coal jet flame is subsequently examined. Finally, a systematic global sensitivity analysis of the sodium lookup table is performed and the accuracy of the proposed tabulated sodium chemistry approach has been calibrated.
ISSN: 1364-7830
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