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Title: Researching the financial abuse of individuals lacking mental capacity
Authors: Dalley, G
Gilhooly, M
Gilhooly, K
Harries, P
Levi, M
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Journal of Adult Protection
Abstract: The paper reports on aspects of an exploratory investigation into the scale and nature of the financial abuse of adults lacking mental capacity. It uses mixed methods: a review of adults safeguarding statistics; analysis of court case findings; classification of types of financial abuse, victims and perpetrators; qualitative exploration of professional views of the nature of financial abuse of those lacking mental capacity; consideration of policy implications. It demonstrates: the significance of financial abuse within the spectrum of abuse experienced by adults at risk; the wide range of both victims lacking capacity being abused and type of financial abuse; its often hidden nature embedded within the family; and the limitations of processes designed to protect. The investigation reveals the paucity of statistical data available on the nature of financial abuse and the outcomes of official investigations into reported cases, both of which limit analysis and understanding of the phenomenon. It demonstrates the need for greater transparency and consistency in the reporting of safeguarding and legal processes to enable practitioners and policymakers to understand fully the nature and significance of this abuse for both victims and society. It questions the extent to which existing protective processes are sufficient in terms of safeguarding victims and deterring perpetrators. It involves original research that brings together data from a range of sources involved in the protection of a particular hard to reach group of individuals (those lacking capacity) from a particular type of risk (financial abuse).
ISSN: 1466-8203
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