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Title: Characterisation of irradiated thin silicon sensors for the CMS phase II pixel upgrade
Authors: Adam, W
Bergauer, T
Brondolin, E
Dragicevic, M
Friedl, M
Frühwirth, R
Hoch, M
Hrubec, J
König, A
Steininger, H
Waltenberger, W
Alderweireldt, S
Beaumont, W
Janssen, X
Lauwers, J
Van Mechelen, P
Van Remortel, N
Van Spilbeeck, A
Beghin, D
Brun, H
Clerbaux, B
Delannoy, H
De Lentdecker, G
Fasanella, G
Favart, L
Goldouzian, R
Grebenyuk, A
Karapostoli, G
Lenzi, T
Léonard, A
Luetic, J
Postiau, N
Seva, T
Vanlaer, P
Vannerom, D
Wang, Q
Zhang, F
Zeid, SA
Blekman, F
De Bruyn, I
De Clercq, J
D Hondt, J
Deroover, K
Lowette, S
Moortgat, S
Moreels, L
Python, Q
Skovpen, K
Van Mulders, P
Van Parijs, I
Bakhshiansohi, H
Bondu, O
Brochet, S
Bruno, G
Caudron, A
Delaere, C
Delcourt, M
De Visscher, S
Francois, B
Giammanco, A
Jafari, A
Komm, M
Krintiras, G
Lemaitre, V
Magitteri, A
Mertens, A
Michotte, D
Musich, M
Piotrzkowski, K
Quertenmont, L
Szilasi, N
Marono, MV
Wertz, S
Beliy, N
Caebergs, T
Daubie, E
Hammad, GH
Härkönen, J
Lampén, T
Luukka, P
Peltola, T
Tuominen, E
Tuovinen, E
Eerola, P
Tuuva, T
Baulieu, G
Boudoul, G
Caponetto, L
Combaret, C
Contardo, D
Dupasquier, T
Gallbit, G
Lumb, N
Mirabito, L
Perries, S
Vander Donckt, M
Viret, S
Agram, JL
Andrea, J
Bloch, D
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: European Physical Journal C, 2017, 77 (8)
Abstract: © 2017, The Author(s). The high luminosity upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider, foreseen for 2026, necessitates the replacement of the CMS experiment’s silicon tracker. The innermost layer of the new pixel detector will be exposed to severe radiation, corresponding to a 1 MeV neutron equivalent fluence of up to Φ e q = 2 × 10 16  cm - 2 , and an ionising dose of ≈ 5 MGy after an integrated luminosity of 3000 fb - 1 . Thin, planar silicon sensors are good candidates for this application, since the degradation of the signal produced by traversing particles is less severe than for thicker devices. In this paper, the results obtained from the characterisation of 100 and 200 μ m thick p-bulk pad diodes and strip sensors irradiated up to fluences of Φ e q = 1.3 × 10 16  cm - 2 are shown.
ISSN: 1434-6044
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