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Title: Stochastic user behaviour modelling and network simulation for resource management in cooperation with mobile telecommunications and broadcast networks
Authors: Centonza, A
Taylor, GA
Itagaki, T
Owens, TJ
Cosmas, J
Song, YH
Keywords: Traffic forecast;User behaviour;Hybrid network
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Inderscience
Citation: Int. J. Mobile Communications, 4(1): 97–117
Abstract: The latest generations of telecommunications networks have been designed to deliver higher data rates than widely used second generation telecommunications networks, providing flexible communication capabilities that can deliver high quality video images. However, these new generations of telecommunications networks are interference limited, impairing their performance in cases of heavy traffic and high usage. This limits the services offered by a telecommunications network operator to those that the operator is confident their network can meet the demand for. One way to lift this constraint would be for the mobile telecommunications network operator to obtain the cooperation of a broadcast network operator so that during periods when the demand for the service is too high for the telecommunications network to meet, the service can be transferred to the broadcast network. In the United Kingdom the most recent telecommunications networks on the market are third generation UMTS networks while the terrestrial digital broadcast networks are DVB-T networks. This paper proposes a way for UMTS network operators to forecast the traffic associated with high demand services intended to be deployed on the UMTS network and when demand requires to transfer it to a cooperating DVB-T network. The paper aims to justify to UMTS network operators the use of a DVB-T network as a support for a UMTS network by clearly showing how using a DVB-T network to support it can increase the revenue generated by their network.
ISSN: 1741-5217
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