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Title: Interoperable End-to-End Remote Patient Monitoring Platform based on IEEE 11073 PHD and ZigBee Health Care Profile
Authors: Clarke, M
De Folter, J
Verma, V
Gokalp, H
Keywords: Remote patient monitoring;Telehealth;Telecare;Integrated care;Ambient assisted living;Well-being;Chronic disease;Standards based platform;IEEE 11073;ZigBee health care profile;Continua health guidelines
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, (2017)
Abstract: This paper describes the implementation of an end-to-end remote monitoring platform based on the IEEE 11073 standards for Personal Health Devices (PHD). It provides an overview of the concepts and approaches and describes how the standard has been optimized for small devices with limited resources of processor, memory and power and that use short range wireless technology. It explains aspects of IEEE 11073, including the Domain Information Model, state model and nomenclature, and how these support its plug-and-play architecture. It shows how these aspects underpin a much larger eco-system of interoperable devices and systems that include IHE PCD-01, HL7 and BlueTooth LE medical devices, and the relationship to the Continua Guidelines, advocating the adoption of data standards and nomenclature to support semantic interoperability between health and ambient assisted living (AAL) in future platforms. The paper further describes the adaptions that have been made in order to implement the standard on the ZigBee Health Care Profile and the experiences of implementing an end-to-end platform that has been deployed to frail elderly patients with chronic disease(s) and patients with diabetes.
ISSN: 0018-9294
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