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Title: Flow Boiling of ethanol/water binary mixture in a square microchannel
Authors: Karayiannis, T
Vasileadou, P
Sefiane, K
Keywords: Flow boiling;Heat transfer;Micro-channel
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: University of Nottingham
Citation: International Heat Transfer Symposium and Heat Powered Cycles Conference 2016 (IHTS and HPC 2016), Nottingham, UK, 26-29 June, (2016)
Abstract: Two-phase flow heat transfer was examined in a single 5mm inner hydraulic diameter square channel at a vertical orientation. Ethanol, deionized water and 5% v/v ethanol/water mixture were used as working fluids. Three mass fluxes (0.33, 0.66 and 1.00 kg/m2s) were tested as well as three heat fluxes (2.8, 4.2 and 6.1 kW/m2). Experiments were conducted in a controlled temperature environment (40oC) and high speed imaging, channel wall temperatures and local heat transfer coefficients were examined. The addition of ethanol into water (5% v/v ethanol/water mixture) was found to enhance heat transfer resulting in higher heat transfer coefficients than both of its pure components.
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