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Title: The Name of the Game: A Review of Sexual Exploitation of Girls
Authors: Bringer, JD
Brackenridge, CH
Johnston, LH
Keywords: sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sport
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Current Science Inc
Citation: Current Women's Health Reports 2001, 1:225-231
Abstract: Sexual harassment and abuse has been a recognized problem in the workplace, schools, and residential homes for more than three decades. Many professional policies highlight the potential for abusing positions of trust and forbid intimate relationships between, for example doctors and patients, and psychologists and clients. Yet, abuse of power in the coach-athlete relationship has only recently been acknowledged. This paper will discuss definitions of sexual exploitation, prevalence figures, methods used for entrapping athletes, potential risk factors, signs of abuse and harassment, and the consequences for survivors.
ISSN: 1534-5874
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