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Title: Hand-arm equal sensation curves for steering wheel rotational vibration
Authors: Giacomin, J
Ajovalasit, M
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: 11th International Conference on Hand-Arm Vibration, Bologna, Italy, June 3-7th
Abstract: The present study has established equal sensation curves for steering wheel handarm rotational vibration. Psychophysical response tests of 20 participants were performed using the category-ratio Borg CR10 scale procedure. The test stimuli used were sinusoidal vibrations at 22 third octave band centre frequencies in the range from 3 to 400 Hz, with amplitudes in the range from 0.06 to 30 m/s2 r.m.s. A multivariate regression analysis was performed on the mean Borg CR10 intensity values as a function of the two independent parameters of the vibration frequency and amplitude. The results suggested a nonlinear dependency of the perceived intensity on both the steering wheel rotational vibration frequency and amplitude. A sixth-order polynomial model has been proposed as a best fit regression model.
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