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Title: Analytical Estimation of the Electrostatic Field in Cylinder-Plane and Cylinder-Cylinder Electrode Configurations
Authors: fylladitakis, E
moronis, A
Theodoridis, M
Keywords: Cylinder-cylinder electrodes;Cylinder-plane electrodes;Electric field intensity;Electrostatic field;Equipotential lines;Field analysis
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science
Citation: International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
Abstract: This work presents analytical formulas for the estimation of the electrostatic field in cylinder-plane and cylinder-cylinder electrode configurations. Assuming a predefined potential difference between the electrodes and given their geometrical characteristics, these could be useful for the solution of numerous problems involving such electrode sets. Moreover, the voltage distribution around the electrodes is defined by providing equations either for the equipotentials at a given voltage ratio, or the exact estimation of the potential at any point in the surrounding space. Simplified expressions for critical engineering parameters such as the peak electric field and the field enhancement factor are also given.
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