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Title: Model-based economic evaluations in smoking cessation and their transferability to new contexts: A systematic review
Authors: Berg, M
Cheung, KL
Hiligsmann, M
Evers, S
de Kinderen, RJA
Kulchaitanaroaj, P
Pokhrel, S
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Addiction, (2017)
Abstract: Aims To identify different types of models used in economic evaluations of smoking cessation, analyse the quality of the included models examining their attributes and ascertain their transferability to a new context. Methods A systematic review of the literature on the economic evaluation of smoking cessation interventions published between 1996 and April 2015, identified via Medline, EMBASE, NHS EED, and HTA. Checklist-based quality of the included studies and transferability scores were based on European Network of Health Economic Evaluation Databases (EURONHEED) criteria. Studies that were not in smoking cessation, not an original research, not a model-based economic evaluation, that did not consider adult population and not from a high income country were excluded. Findings Among the 64 economic evaluations included in the review, state-transition Markov model was the most frequently used method (n = 30/64) with Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs) being the most frequently used outcome measure in a lifetime horizon. A small number of the included studies (13/64) were eligible for EURONHEED transferability checklist. The overall transferability scores ranged from 0.50 to 0.97 with an average score of 0.75. The average score per section was 0.69 (range 0.35-0.92). Relative transferability of the studies could not be established due to a limitation present in the EURONHEED method. . Conclusion All existing economic evaluations in smoking cessation lack in one or more key study attributes necessary to be fully transferable to a new context.
ISSN: 0965-2140
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