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dc.contributor.advisorHopkins, K-
dc.contributor.authorMarsland, David-
dc.descriptionThis thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University.-
dc.description.abstractThis collection of work examines: the concept of youth; the social situation of young people; the nature and adequacy of the institution designed to attend to young people's general needs and problems - the Youth Service; and the training provided for the youth workers who staff that Service. It is made up of one book, chapters contributed to four other books, two occasional papers, and two papers published in scholarly journals. Several types of research are included: conceptual and theoretical analysis which seeks to evaluate assumptions, arguments, models, and plans concerning youth and the Youth Service; historical and documentary analysis aimed at providing an accurate account of the development of the Service and of the various attempts to improve its effectiveness; and empirical investigations involving field research with young people and with youth workers. My conclusions are as follows:- First that the concept of youth is a valid and important component of sociological analysis, recent criticisms not withstanding. Second that the Youth Service, as a result of fundamental structural and cultural changes implicit in modernization, has an important role to play in the social education of young people. Third that there is scope for considerable strengthening of the Youth Service, as much in terms of its underlying conceptual and philosophical foundations as in terms of practical issues such as policy, organisation, management and training.en
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dc.publisherBrunel Universityen
dc.publisherDepartment of Sociologyen
dc.subjectElliott Jaques-
dc.subjectRequisite organization-
dc.subjectStratified systems-
dc.titlePolicy and provision for young people: Sociological analysis of youth, youth work, and the youth serviceen
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