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Title: An open letter to The BMJ editors on qualitative research
Authors: Greenhalgh, T
Annandale, E
Ashcroft, R
Barlow, J
Black, N
Bleakley, A
Boaden, R
Braithwaite, J
Britten, N
Carnevale, F
Checkland, K
Cheek, J
Clark, A
Cohn, S
Coulehan, J
Crabtree, B
Cummins, S
Davidoff, F
Davies, H
Dingwall, R
Dixon-Woods, M
Elwyn, G
Engebretsen, E
Ferlie, E
Fulop, N
Gabbay, J
Gagnon, M-P
Galasinski, D
Garside, R
Gilson, L
Griffiths, P
Hawe, P
Helderman, J-K
Hodges, B
Hunter, D
Kearney, M
Kitzinger, C
Kitzinger, J
Kuper, A
Kushner, S
Le May, A
Legare, F
Lingard, L
Locock, L
Maben, J
Macdonald, ME
Mair, F
Mannion, R
Marshall, M
May, C
Mays, N
McKee, L
Miraldo, M
Morgan, D
Morse, J
Nettleton, S
Oliver, S
Pearce, W
Pluye, P
Pope, C
Robert, G
Roberts, C
Rodella, S
Rycroft-Malone, J
Sandelowski, M
Shekelle, P
Stevenson, F
Straus, S
Swinglehurst, D
Thorne, S
Tomson, G
Westert, G
Wilkinson, S
Williams, B
Young, T
Ziebland, S
Keywords: Science & Technology;Life Sciences & Biomedicine;Medicine, General & Internal;General & Internal Medicine;Health-care;Randomized-trials;Statistics notes;Program;Population;Mordibity;Mortality;Michigan;Children
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group
Citation: BMJ-British Medical Journal, 2016, 352: i563
ISSN: 1756-1833
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