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Title: What do they do? Competency and managing in Brazilian Olympic Sport Federations
Authors: Freitas, D
Girginov, V
Costa, I
Keywords: Presidents of Brazilian olympic sport federations;Management competencies;Management postures;Managing;Voluntary sport organizations
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: European Sport Management Quarterly, (2016)
Abstract: This study explores the link between management competencies of 15 presidents of Brazilian Olympic Sport Federations (OSF) from the state of Minas Gerais and how they actually manage. Overemphasizing the conceptual importance of managers’ competencies at the expense of what they actually do can lead to the creation of an illusory image of the model manager whereas in reality such a person hardly exists. A mixed research sequential transformative design was employed where two theoretical frameworks guided the study and the initial quantitative phase of the research was followed by a qualitative phase of observations and interviews. Qualitative and quantitative data were analysed with QSR NVivo 10 and SPSS. Presidents of OSFs perceived themselves as facilitators, visionary leaders and innovators, who are expected to develop the organization into a more professional entity. They have been working mainly on the people and information plane of management and were less concerned with conceptual issues, instant results and specific deadlines. OSF presidents’ competencies were intended to deliver greater organizational effectiveness but this was difficult to achieve due to the lack of strategic skills and resources. Presidents’ competencies were also not necessarily doing the right things and were only partly delivering the desired results. Understanding sport managers’ competencies and how they relate to their daily activities is important not just for the purposes of staff selection and appraisal and for development and learning, but also for the constant realignment of management as a science, intuition and practical activity.
ISSN: 1618-4742
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