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Title: Triangulation positioning system - Network and topology issues
Authors: Sfendourakis, M
Sarantopoulos, I
Nilavalan, R
Antonidakis, E
Barbounakis, I
Keywords: Fixed stations network;Triangulation;Localization;Network topology;Scalability;Triangulation area
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: North Atlantic University Union
Citation: International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, 10: pp. 110 - 118, (2016)
Abstract: This paper presents ongoing work on localization and positioning through triangulation procedure. Issues of scalability and topology are also examined and areas that are problematic and need further analysis and implementation in the network are analyzed. In a Fixed Stations Network, as it was presented in [1] a triangulation problem is becoming high complicated when we have a large number of sensors and transmitters.Sensors bearings and data readings have to be checked on a case by case basis.The combination and processing of a vast number of data needs filtering and implementation of the various cases, whilst synchronously data processing in various stages can provide accurate results.
ISSN: 2074-1278
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