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Title: Minimal mean-square error for 3D MIMO beamforming weighting
Authors: Xu, C
Cosmas, JP
Zhang, Y
Keywords: MIMO beamforming system;Weighting method;signal to interference plus noise ratio
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: The IET
Citation: Electronics Letters, (2016)
Abstract: The 3D MIMO beamforming system needs a weighting method to determine the direction of beam whist reducing the interference for other beam areas operating at the same carrier frequency. The challenge is to determine the weights of the 3D MIMO beams to direct each beam towards its cluster of user terminals whilst placing its nulls at undesired user directions in order to minimise undesired interference. Therefore, the SINR (signal to interference plus noise ratio) should be increased whilst the interference from the side lobes of the other beams reduced. A weight determining method is presented in this paper that constructs horizontal and vertical array weights respectively by MMSE (minimizing the mean-square error) between the array pattern vector and the unit vector, where the unit vector expresses the desired direction for the array pattern and zero vector expresses the undesired direction. Since the rectangular planar array can be viewed as M linear arrays of N elements, the weight of the M-Nth element can be obtained based on the horizontal and vertical array weights.
ISSN: 1350-911X
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