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Title: Parameter optimization by Taguchi Methods for finishing advanced ceramic balls using a novel eccentric lapping machine
Authors: Kang, J
Hadfield, M
Keywords: lapping;polishing;finishing;eccentric lapping;ceramic ball finishing;Taguchi methods;silicon nitride;hybrid bearings
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Professional Engineering Publishing (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
Citation: Kang, J. and Hadfield, M., “Parameter optimization by Taguchi Methods for finishing advanced ceramic balls using a novel eccentric lapping machine” Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Proceedings of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B, Vol. 215, No. B1, 2001, pp. 69-78
Abstract: The final finishing process of advanced ceramic balls used in hybrid precision bearings constitutes two-thirds of the total manufacturing cost, and hence effective and economic finishing methods and processes are critical to their widespread application. A novel eccentric lapping machine is designed and manufactured. Hot isostatically pressed silicon nitride ball blanks (diameter 13.25 mm) are used to investigate the feasibility of accelerating the ball finishing process while maintaining high surface quality. Taguchi methods are used during the first step of finishing to optimize lapping parameters; the L9 (3(4)) four-parameter, three-level orthogonal array is used to design the experiment. Experimental results reveal that this novel eccentric lapping method is very promising; a material removal rate of 40 mum/h is achievable. The optimum lapping condition is found to be high speed, high load and high paste concentration with 60 mum diamond particles. The analysis of variance shows that the most significant lapping parameter is lapping load, which accounts for 50 per cent of the total, followed by lapping speed (31 per cent); the particle size and paste concentration only account for 12 per cent and 7 per cent respectively. A comparison with previous lapping experiments and the mechanism of material removal are also discussed briefly.
ISSN: 0954-4054
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