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Title: Ethnic speech and ethnic action as ethnic behavior: Part 1. Construction of the Brunel ethnic behavior inventory
Authors: Gaines, SO
Lefringhausen, K
Charura, D
Kangatharan, J
Singh, J
Tamimi, N
Dieu, K
Giles, D
Knap, S
Towers-Evans, H
Zahara, S
Keywords: Ethnic action;Ethnic behavior;Ethnic identity;Ethnic speech;Exploratory factor analysis;Social identity theory
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Identity: an international journal of theory and research, 16(2): pp.73-86, (2016)
Abstract: This article reports the construction of a new survey—specifically, the Brunel Ethnic Behavior Inventory (BEBI)—designed to measure ethnic speech and ethnic action as separate, yet related, aspects of individuals’ ethnic behavior. Using Tajfel’s social identity theory as a conceptual frame of reference, this study sought an answer to the research question of how many factors actually are measured by the BEBI, and tested the hypothesis that a two-factor model (i.e., Ethnic Speech and Ethnic Action as two correlated factors) would provide significantly better goodness of fit to the correlational data than would a one-factor model (i.e., Ethnic Behavior as one undifferentiated factor). Across one pilot sample (n = 101) and two main samples (n = 120 for Sample 1, n = 148 for Sample 2), the study found that not only did the BEBI measure two factors at most (i.e., Ethnic Speech and Ethnic Action) but, consistent with the hypothesis, the two-factor model yielded better goodness of fit than did the one-factor model. Implications for the conceptualization and measurement of Verkuyten’s “ways of ethnicity” are discussed.
ISSN: 1528-3488
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