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Title: Using visual guidance to retrain an expert golfer’s gaze: A case study
Authors: Bishop, D
Addington, N
Keywords: Eye movements;Golf;Learning;Oculomotor;Sport
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: European Journal of Sport Science, (2016)
Abstract: Eye movements are essential for both predictive and reactive control of complex motor skills such as the golf swing. We examined the use of a visually-guided learning protocol to retrain an expert golfer’s point-of-gaze immediately prior to execution of the full golf swing. Performance, eye movement and self-report data were obtained, from baseline, through intervention, to retention, for a total of 159 shots struck towards a target 200 yards away. Results show that, during baseline, not only was his point-of-gaze not at the intended/predicted location, at the top-rear of the ball, but that there was also high intertrial variability. A bespoke visual guidance protocol improved his gaze behaviour considerably, in terms of precision and consistency – and this was reflected in greater accuracy and reduced variability of his shots. Implications of oculomotor interventions for the relearning of established motor skills are discussed.
ISSN: 1746-1391
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