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Title: Keeping the Germans out of the straits: The five ottoman dreadnought thesis reconsidered
Authors: Seligmann, M
Keywords: Origins of the first world war;Navy;Ottoman empire;Germany;Britain
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: SAGE Publications (UK and US)
Citation: War in History, 23 (1): pp. 20 - 35, (2016)
Abstract: This article contests Sean McMeekin’s claims concerning Russian culpability for the First World War. McMeekin maintains that Ottoman rearmament, particularly the purchase of several battleships released onto the global arms market by South American states, threatened to create a situation where the Russian Black Sea Fleet would be outclassed by its Ottoman opposite number. Rather than waiting for this to happen, the tsarist regime chose to go to war. Yet, contrary to McMeekin’s claims, the Ottoman naval expansion never assumed threatening dimensions because the Porte was unable to purchase battleships from Chile or Argentina. As a result, it provided no incentive for Russia to go to war in 1914.
ISSN: 1477-0385
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