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Title: Mechanical performance of auxetic polyurethane foam for antivibration glove applications
Authors: Scarpa, F
Giacomin, J
Zhang, Y
Pastorino, P
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Rapra Technology
Citation: Cellular Polymers. 24 (5) 1-16
Abstract: In this study the static and dynamic characteristics of conventional open cell polyurethane (PU), of auxetic (negative Poisson’s ratio) and of iso-density foams were analysed. The specimens were produced from conventional gray open-cells polyurethane foam with 30-35 pores/inch and 0.0027 g/cm3 density, by means of process which has been previously defined by the authors. Poisson’s ratio measurements were performed under quasi-static conditions using an MTS 858 servohydraulic test machine and a video image acquisition system. For the auxetic foams the results suggested similar behaviour to that previously reported in the literature, with significant increases in stiffness during compressive loading, and a significant dependence of the Poisson’s ratio on the applied strain. Transmissibility tests, performed in accordance with the ISO 13753 procedure for antivibration glove materials, suggested a strong dependence of the transmissibility on the foam manufacturing parameters. Within the frequency range from 10 to 31.5 Hz the transmissibility was found to be greater than 1, while it was less than 1 at all frequencies greater than 31.5 Hz. The transmissibility results were similar to the mean values for 80 resilient materials tested by Koton et. al., but were higher than the five best materials (not all polymeric) identified by the same researchers. In this study it has been suggested that the resilient behaviour of glove isolation materials should also be evaluated in terms of the indentation characteristics. A simple, linear elastic, Finite Element simulation was therefore performed, and the indentation results suggested that auxetic foams offer a significant decrease in compressive stresses with respect to conventional PU foams.
ISSN: 1478-2421
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