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Title: Melt protection of Mg-Al based alloys
Authors: Balart, MJ
Patel, JB
Fan, Z
Keywords: Magnesium alloys;Oxidation;High temperature;Liquid state;Reactive element effect;CO2 gas
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Metals, 6(6): 131, (2016)
Abstract: This paper reports the current status of Mg melt protection in view to identify near-future challenges, but also opportunities, for Mg melt protection of Mg-Al based alloys. The goal is to design and manufacture sustainable Mg alloys for resource efficiency, recycling and minimising waste. Among alternative cover gas technologies for Mg melt protection other than SF6: commercially available technologies containing-HFC-134a, fluorinated ketone and dilute SO2-and developed technologies containing solid CO2, BF3 and SO2F2, can potentially produce toxic and/or corrosive by-products. On the other hand, additions of alkaline earth metal oxides to Mg and its alloys have developed a strong comparative advantage in the field of Mg melt protection. The near-future challenges and opportunities for Mg-Al based alloys include optimising and using CO2 gas as feedstock for both melt protection and grain refinement and TiO2 additions for melt protection.
ISSN: 2075-4701
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