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Title: Sudden cardiac death due to deficiency of the mitochondrial inorganic pyrophosphatase PPA2
Authors: Hoefken, T
Kennedy, H
Haack, TB
Hartill, V
Matakovic, L
Baumgartner, ER
Potter, H
Mackay, R
Alston, CL
O'Sullivan, S
McFarland, R
Connolly, G
Gannon, C
King, R
Mead, S
Crozier, I
Chan, W
Florkowski, C
Sage, M
Alhaddad, B
Kremer, LS
Kopajtich, R
Feichtinger, RG
Sperl, W
Rodenburg, RJ
Minet, JC
Dobbie, A
Strom, TM
Meitinger, T
George, PM
Johnson, CA
Taylor, RW
Prokisch, H
Doudney, K
Mayr, JA
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier (Cell Press)
Citation: The American journal of human genetics 99, pp. 674 - 682, (2016)
Abstract: We have used whole exome sequencing to identify biallelic missense mutations in the nuclearencoded mitochondrial inorganic pyrophosphatase (PPA2) in ten individuals from four unrelated pedigrees that are associated with mitochondrial disease. These individuals show a range of severity, indicating that PPA2 mutations may cause a spectrum of mitochondrial disease phenotypes. Severe symptoms include seizures, lactic acidosis and cardiac arrhythmia and death within days of birth. In the index family, presentation was milder and manifested as cardiac fibrosis and an exquisite sensitivity to alcohol, leading to sudden arrhythmic cardiac death in the second decade of life. Comparison of normal and mutated PPA2 containing mitochondria from fibroblasts showed the activity of inorganic pyrophosphatase significantly reduced in affected individuals. Recombinant PPA2 enzymes modeling hypomorphic missense mutations had decreased activity that correlated with disease severity. These findings confirm the pathogenicity of PPA2 mutations, and suggest that PPA2 is a new cardiomyopathy-associated protein, which has a greater physiological importance in mitochondrial function than previously recognized.
ISSN: 0002-9297
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