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Title: Effects of spoken cues on decision-making in netball: An eye movement study
Authors: Bishop, D
Keywords: Auditory;Crossmodal;Spatial attention;Sport;Visual attention
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Edizione Luigi Pozzi
Citation: International Journal of Sport Psychology, 47(1): pp. 1-12, (2016)
Abstract: Thirteen international netballers viewed static images of scenarios taken from netball open play. Two ‘team mates’, each marked by one opponent, could be seen in each image; each team mate-opponent pair was located on opposite sides of the vertical meridian, such that a binary response was required (‘left’ or ‘right’) from the participant, in order to select a team mate to whom they would pass the ball. For each trial, a spoken word (“left”/“right”) was presented monaurally at the onset of the visual image. Spatially invalid auditory cues (i.e., in the ear contralateral to the correct passing option), reduced performance accuracy relative to valid ones. Semantically invalid cues (e.g., a call of “left” when the target was right-located), increased response times relative to valid ones. However, there were no accompanying changes in visual attention to the team mates and their markers. The effects of auditory cues on covert attentional shifts and decision-making are discussed.
ISSN: 0047-0767
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