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Title: CHOICE_ WP1_D1.3 and D1.5 E-book “Roadmap towards strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperation” – second end of year report and CHOICE Action plan
Authors: Owens, TJ
Itagaki, T
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: The CHOICE Consortium
Citation: CHOICE - 'Strengthening Chinese Collaboration on ICT R&D with Europe’, (2015)
Abstract: The primary task of the CHOICE project is to develop a roadmap towards a strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperation strategy for EU-China research cooperation beyond FP7, as well as an action plan based on the roadmap that provides a strategy that will provide a sustainability strategy for EU-China research cooperation outside of European funded research programmes. Before presenting the proposed CHOICE roadmap it important to set out what was been learned through the work of the project about the context within which the roadmap and action plan exist, and the issues which they must address, so that the reasoning underpinning the roadmap becomes clear making it more intelligible. To better appreciate this context it should be noted that when developing the roadmap it was held in mind that its emphasis should be on: o Identifying obstacles to reciprocity and encouraging a more balanced relationship with China based on reciprocity o Supporting European nationals, companies and organisations willing to access Chinese research programmes o Highlighting both EU and Chinese excellence in ICT R&D In the following, the section 2 of this report context sets out how the goals of the roadmap were arrived at. The issues which the map must address, that have been identified by the Project are set out in section 3. The roadmap then sets out the framework within which the roadmap goals must be pursued. The roadmap and its goals are then set out in section 4. Finally, an action plan of actions that will help in meeting the roadmap goals is presented in section 5.
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