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Title: Like gold dust these days’: domestic violence fact-finding hearings in child contact cases
Authors: Barnett, A
Keywords: Child contact;Domestic violence;Fact-finding hearings;Practice direction 12J;Presumption of parental involvement
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Feminist Legal Studies, 23 (1): pp. 47 - 78, (2015)
Abstract: Fact-finding hearings may be held to determine disputed allegations of domestic violence in child contact cases in England and Wales, and can play a vital role for mothers seeking protection and autonomy from violent fathers. Drawing on the author’s empirical study, this article examines the implications for the holding of fact-finding hearings of judges’ and professionals’ understandings of domestic violence and the extent to which they perceive it to be relevant to contact. While more judges and professionals are developing their understanding of domestic violence, the ambit of when and how it is considered relevant to contact has grown increasingly narrow, which suggests that many disputed allegations of domestic violence are disregarded and women and children continue to be put at risk from violent fathers. This bifurcated approach is likely to have significant implications for recent developments in this area of family law which are considered in this article.
ISSN: 0966-3622
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